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In 2007, the story of Heli-Luxembourg started by Marc Chevènement and Michel Soutiran. Two passionate pilots with heart and soul, who advocated the need for a heliport, did not let themselves be held back from realizing this project, despite many obstacles.

In 2008, a European study confirmed that there was no private company and flight school in the Luxembourg  except the one asbl provided by the excellent organization (Luxembourg Air Rescue).

In May 2012, the time had finally come and Heli-Luxembourg could finally be officially founded.

The declaration of ATO was pronounced in September 2014 for the training of PPL & CPL.

In 2016 the training FI night flight and FI recycling were added.

From 2017, the development of bases has started  through the creation of a European and international network (Belgium, USA, Canada). By integrating selected partners in our ATO and bringing the know-how of Marc Chevènement and Michel Soutiran, in the trainings of private pilots, professional pilots and other qualification types, the main goal is the reduced of cost training, and open the network with minimum two licences of same level



Democratized and bring the acces to the job of helicopter pilot .heli luxemourg has created an personalized approach for each candidate , the first step being the choice of training center and why i want become helicopter pilot , each steps are analysed  and how created the network and how to integrate the helicopter world.

A professional project is built with reflection, and must take into account.

  • The decision to choose a trade
  • The choice of training centre
  • The creation of a network
  • The investment
  • Return on investment

Marc Chevènement

CEO, Instructor, Examiner, Senior Examiner

Glider pilot and single engin private pilot Civilian helicopter certified in 1985 Professional helicopter pilot 10000 hours of flight VFR; IFR, night flight, offshore, aerial work, spraying FI Instructor with +5000 Hours: hundreds of alumni working all over the world. FIFI Instructor Instructor FE examiner FIEH Instructor Examiner SE Senior Examiner

Michel Soutiran

Co-founder and flight Instructor

Michel Soutiran is the wingman of the Fly and Fun patrol. He is passionate about flying both planes and helicopters but also about aerobatics. In 1998, he became the first L-39 Albatros pilot in France. He is also an instructor on this plane and helicopter.

Jean-Claude Marbec

Safety and compliance monitoring manager

Ex-milatary transport pilot 5000 hours in flight Expert safety and training for serval european and IACO authorities

Claudine Stoffel

Pilot, tourist flight, aerial work

Dominique Champeval

Pilot, auditor compliance and safety

Pilot School

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Aerial Services

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