Heli Luxembourg

About us

In 2007, the story of Heli-Luxembourg began with Marc Chevènement and Michel Soutiran. Two passionate pilots with heart and soul, who advocated the need for a heliport, did not let themselves be held back from realizing this project, despite the many obstacles in their way.

In May 2012, Heli-Luxembourg was officially founded with the approval of the ATO declaration following in September 2014.

Initially offering CPL and PPL courses, soon other qualifications like Night flight, FI courses and FI Refresher training would be added to the scope of the ATO.

From 2017 onwards, the development of bases had started through the creation of a European and international network (France, Belgium, USA, Canada). By integrating selected partners into our ATO and bringing the know-how of Marc Chevènement and Michel Soutiran into the game, the quality of the training steadily improved while costs for the students saw a continuous decline.

The end result is a curriculum of the highest quality made affordable to facilitate the fulfilment of our student's dreams.

With this idea in mind, we created our double licence program for commercial helicopter pilot candidates allowing them to obtain 2 or even 3 of the most sought-after licences in the world.


As of late 2022, Heli-Luxembourg has taken on a bigger role in the training of private pilots in Luxembourg and the neighbouring areas. It now operates as a DTO (LU.DTO.007) and leaves the professional training to its sister company Top Jet Training (CEFA) for the time being.


As a part of CEFA (Centre Européen de Formation Aéronautique), Heli-Luxembourg provides training courses and mentoring tailored to the specific needs of students. Analysing their personal situation and deriving an action plan that aims at giving the student a maximum of opportunities is a key strength of our experience-based training philosophy.

A professional project is built with reflection, and must take into account:

  • The choice of profession
  • The choice of training centre
  • The creation of a network of relations
  • The investment
  • Return on investment

Marc Chevènement

CEO, Instructor, Examiner, Senior Examiner

Glider pilot and single engine private pilot Civilian helicopter certified in 1985 Professional helicopter pilot 10000 hours of flight VFR; IFR, night flight, offshore, aerial work, spraying FI Instructor with +5000 Hours: hundreds of alumni working all over the world. FIFI Instructor Instructor FE examiner FIEH Instructor Examiner SE Senior Examiner

Michel Soutiran

Co-founder and flight Instructor

Michel Soutiran is the wingman of the Fly and Fun patrol. He is passionate about flying both planes and helicopters. In 1998, he became the first L-39 Albatros pilot in France. He is also an experienced instructor on this plane and on helicopters.

Jean-Claude Marbec

Safety and compliance monitoring manager

Ex-military transport pilot with 5000 flight hours Safety and training expert for several european and ICAO authorities

Claudine Stoffel

Pilot, tourist flight, aerial work

Fabrice Poull

Pilot, tourist flight, aerial work

Dominique Champeval

Pilot, auditor compliance and safety