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Get a birds eye view on a breath taking helicopter ride as you soar above Luxembourg`s beautiful landscape and his neighborhood. Flight under FR.AOC.0135 Flights operated by Heli Luxembourg

We offer you 3 different Helicopter Tours everyone with a Highlight of Luxembourg

The Castles of Luxembourg

The various Middle-Age castles and fortifications in Luxembourg are an indication of the power of the lords of times gone by. In addition to the major restored castles (Vianden, Beaufort, Bourscheid, Bourglinster or Clervaux), there is a multitude of majestic castle ruins which evoke their myths and legends.

Terres Rouges

The Land of the Red Rocks owes its name to the bright red ore which was behind the success of the steel industry in Luxembourg in the industrial era. Today, the former mining area of the Land of the Red Rocks has established a new identity by combining ancient history and new technologies.

The Moselle

The Moselle river is one of the main waterways in Luxembourg. It runs for 39km through the country and forms a natural border with Germany. The Moselle lends its name to one of the most beautiful valleys in Luxembourg, which is renowned for its wine cellars  and its medieval towns.

As Special Offer we visit the 3 Highlights of Luxembourg together in one big Tour.

Private Tour

Determine the route yourself and look forward to a successful day.

The route will be discussed directly with the pilot on the site. This depends on the wishes of the passengers, the weather and of course flight safety. For questions, please contact us.

Questions & Answers:

Where does the tour starts?

We are starting our tour at Findel Airport

How much Time should I plan for a Tour?

You will get an Initiation before the flight.

Highlight Tour: 1h incl. flight

Big Tour & private Tour: 2h incl. flight

How much people can attempt the Tour?

We can welcome max. 3 people in our Helicopter.

Investment for the Tour Experience?

Highlight Tour:

Per Person 199€ -225€

Group of max. 3 People: 597€ (199€ per person)

Big Tour:

Group of max. 3 People: 1200€ (400€ per person)

Private Tour:

Alone or a group of max. 3 People: 1200€

Can I buy a voucher as a gift?

Make a dream come true for a beloved person is possible, please contact us for a voucher.

Important Information:

Weather conditions:

Feasibility according to visual flight conditions. If the Tour get canceled, we we will arrange a new appointment with you. There are no costs to you.

Equipment & Clothing:

Comfortable clothing adapted to the weather and the season

Do not forget your camera & perhaps sunglasses

Passport or ID cat at international airports

The prerequisite for flight participation is the personal suitability of the passenger in terms of his or her health and weight. In the following situations, the flight is only possible upon request:

People taller than 2meters

People weighting over 120kg

Pregnant women

If there are physical or mental limitations

For further Questions, please contact us.

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