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CPL(H) Commercial Helicopter Pilots License

Are you dreaming of becoming a helicopter pilot and studying abroad? Our program offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to train in Canada .


Are you dreaming of becoming a helicopter pilot and studying abroad? Our program offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to train in Canada.

We want to democratize the process of becoming a helicopter pilot. To accomplish this goal, we offer partnership training at a cost that is 30% less expensive than training in Europe.


Once the exams are successfully passed, the candidate will receive a European Commercial Helicopter License (EASA) which is recognized in all EU member countries. Additionally, once they have successfully passed all their exams, candidates will also be able to work in Canada as a professional pilot.

A commercial license allows pilots to perform commercial aerial transportation including

  • Transporting passengers for companies that hold aerial transportation certificates
  • Conducting Emergency Medical Services (EMS) missions
  • Providing transportation for petroleum companies (in shore & offshore certified IR/MCC)
  • Freight transportation
  • Aerial photography, video, surveillance (pipelines, fire, EDF lines, etc.) and assorted DNC photography/video/surveillance work
  • Longline work


EASA commercial training requires a minimum of 12 months of full-time studies

350 hours of theoretical instruction:

    The first portion of the ground instruction will be given in-class by ATO Heli-Luxembourg and the second half will be given remotely via e-learning in Canada.

135 hours of practical instruction:

  • A maximum of 130 hours of flying
  • A minimum of 5 hours of flying at Heli-Luxembourg, Luxembourg.


  • Must be 18 years of age when taking the flight exam
  • Have passed the Class 1 European and Canadian medical exam
  • Shown acquisition of skills related to the minimum requirements of academic training
  • Have passed AB INITIO Math/Physics proficiency
  • Have passed the EASA.FCL.055 Level IV English language proficiency test

THE ADVANTAGES OF TRAINING IN CANADA. The partner Héli-Luxembourg / (Canada US in options) allows graduates to work as a professional pilot in Europe, Canada and USA

The partnership with Canada also presents other benefits:

  • The possibility of converting the EASA license to a Canadian Helicopter Commercial Pilot’s License (TC) or an American Helicopter Commercial Pilot’s License (FAA)
  • Obtaining a Canadian work permit 12 months after training
  • Obtaining a Canadian Attestation of College Studies (ACS)
  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience living abroad
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