Heli Luxembourg

Pilot School

We train students from all over the world to become helicopter pilots. Would you also like to realise your dream of helicopter flying? We offer helicopter pilot training tailored to your needs with individual lessons, introductory flights and special training.
Learn to fly helicopters with Heli-Luxembourg.

Heli-Luxembourg is a part of CEFA (Centre Européen de Formation Aéronautique).
Have a look at their website for in-detail descriptions of the training programmes.

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CPL(H) / Double Commercial Helicopter Pilot Licence

Are you dreaming of becoming a helicopter pilot or seeing the world? Why not both? Our programme offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to train in Canada and work around the globe.

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ACCELERATED PPL(H) Private Pilot Licence

Getting your PPL-H can be a time-consuming chore. Let's change that.

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PPL(H) Private Pilot Licence

The private pilot (helicopter) licence/certificate will enable you to fly completely solo yourself and carry your friends, family and business contacts, introducing them to the amazing feeling of freedom and flexibility you get when flying in a helicopter.

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Type Rating

During your time as a helicopter pilot, you may of course want to fly another type of helicopter which is more powerful and bigger. We therefore offer training courses suited to obtaining this type rating.

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Night Rating

A very different kind of flying opens up a whole new world for you.

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Helicopter Flight Instructor Qualification

The pleasure of passing on skills and watching your students progress will be a source of great pride and an opportunity for some remarkable human interaction.

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Helicopter Flight Instructor Refresher Course

Are you an FI in need of a refresher training course? Look no further.

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Third Country Licence Conversions to EASA

Convert your third country licence (ICAO) into an EASA licence.

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PPL(H) Third Country Conversion

Convert your third country licence (ICAO) into an EASA licence. EU REGULATION of 04.03.2020 ( 2020/723 ) section 3 to convert your third country ICAO licence to a PPL(H) EASA.

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