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Heli Luxembourg teaches you how to fly  with the best practices, your future operators will teach you how to work. That means you should have awareness that your  career will start on the ground  and this is the best manner to create the professional skill and create the trust of your company.

The only Helicopter School in Luxembourg founded in May 2012 by Marc Chevénement for PPLH and CPLH .(European ATO LU.0004)

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Heli Luxembourg

Pilot School

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Private and Professional Licenses.
Instructor Qualification.

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Meet Our Birds

Every one of our beauties has its own character and strength. Enjoy the variety of everyone and their own flight feeling and discover your personal favorite helicopter.

Robinson R44


Alouette SE313




Bell 505

Aerial Services

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Aerial Work

You want to have stunning shots of your company area or landscape for your project? With aerial photography we take pictures in perspective angles and quality no drone can reach. Flight SPO Top Jet Training.

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Brunch Tour

Once in a lifetime, you want to feel like the royals? Enjoy the unique experience of being flown to a brunch in a fantastic location by helicopter.

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Tourist Tours

Get a birds eye view on a breath taking helicopter ride as you soar above Luxembourg`s beautiful landscape and his neighborhood. Flight under FR.AOC.0135 Flights operated by Heli Luxembourg

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Pilot Experience

You always dreamed of flying a helicopter. Now you sit in the chair, the machines starts. The rotor starts. Adrenalin is released. You take off and take the controls of a real helicopter.

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